This dinner is truly a retro French Bistro Dinner, although French Bistro is vogue again. We could have easily had this for lunch at Les Deux Maggot, (pictured above with my hubby front and center)or at the Bistro Vagenende around the corner (another favorite on the Blvd St Germain)


as one fall we spent more than our share of time sitting at one of the tables at Deux Maggot for coffee and Venegade for lunch, watching the world go by. The beauty of Europe is that these places are still there and still have great food!

We even had our favorite classic French waiter who played up the role for the camera.

In any event, to create this menu, I reached back a few years when pate was a staple appetizer in most bistros. Living downtown Toronto as we are now, I needed an entré that did not require a grill, would not dry out, could be prepared ahead and then finished in the oven. Again, digging back to all things French, something that I could finish with a Tarragon Cream Sauce.

Hence the following menu.


Bev’s Chicken Liver Pate

Main Course

Chicken with Tarragon Cream Sauce

French Fried Potatoes


Chocolate Fudge Apricot Torte

The menu and evening were great!

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