It’s really best to go to a florist for your arrangement, but in a pinch, the bouquets found in grocery stores will work. This center piece is made from white and green button mums from our local grocer and it worked for the event. I really needed something as we have a very large square table which is spacious for a dinner for 4.

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Green and White Mums

Prep Time10 minutes
Total Time10 minutes
Category: Arrangement, Blog


  • 1 bunch White Mums
  • 1 bunch Green Button Mums
  • 2 bunches Greens ideally leaves rather than Baby's Breath
  • 2 blocks oasis
  • 1 low container


  • Gather all ingredients before starting arrangement
  • In this case, I used a fairly large large (10x10) low container so I needed 2 blocks of oasis (plus a little in the middle) to fill the container. The center piece was to go on a square 60x60 table so it had to be quite large
  • The flowers were green and white mums and the greens were leathery/shiny green leaves
  • Start with filling the container with water until the oasis has absorbed all the water without overflowing, then start adding the greens, starting in the corners
  • Once the corners have been established, add the green mums, again mostly in the corners, and now, add the white mums to fill in the gaps,
  • Stand back and look at the arrangement for balance, insert a few more green mums where you may see holes.


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