How can one survive with no carbs? This, especially for one who could live on bread and potatoes?

So be it, the last two years of lock-downs, fitness classes few and far between and having spent way too long in winter weather, it has finally taken its toll. No amount of golf will get rid of the effects of the last two years!

So, January it is. This month is all about grilling and eating ‘good’ things for you.

It has already started, good beginnings and with luck, good endings. I have a lot of imaginative, tasty meal ideas and recipes in store. I will give modifications to recipes I have previously published to make them a little more lean friendly but still tasty. Search for ‘Skinny’ on my Recipe page and get on a scale as a start.  A bit of a challenge, my fridge is full of greens and fruit, my pantry full of peas, beans and lentils. I have limited myself to lean meats, pork tenderloin, skinless boneless chicken thighs, some sausages, and lots and lots of salad material.

I will be publishing some of the meals we have throughout the month so check in from time to time. Let’s see how we all feel by the end of this month. Game on!




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