Now that the weather is changing and we get cool mornings and evenings, and the occasional rainy day, I’m beginning to move towards food that is comforting and familiar.

On this occasion, I wanted something that I could put in the oven and forget about until dinner time when the aromas would start filling the house.

One of my favorite absolute go to comfort food dishes is a pork roast. I always make it out of a pork shoulder or pork butt (they are the same, believe it or not) and I try to get a roast that is 3 pounds or so. This is more than enough for two, and would more than likely yield generous servings for four people. But, I like the left overs. Here’s my menu for the roast.

Roasted Shoulder of Pork

Homemade Mash Potatoes

Apple Slaw

Pork roast the next day for sandwiches is yummy. I like the roast thinly sliced and layered on rye bread with pan juices smeared on the bread. My husband likes his sliced on white bread with miracle whip.

I have also converted left over pork from a roast or even from left over ribs into pulled pork sliders. I just heat up some of my barbecue sauce in a small skillet and add the pork that I previously shredded to the sauce and let it simmer for 5-10 minutes, or until fully heated through and the sauce has been absorbed by the pork. I like to serve this on Hawaiian style buns, just the right slider bun for the sweet and tangy pulled pork. If you happen to have some coleslaw, all the better.

On this occasion though, I opted for Cubano Sandwiches. These are one of my all time favorite sandwiches when we are down south and I always have one or two during the season. I think that I have finally mastered making them and while mine are pretty good, the Cubano Sandwiches made in southern Florida are outstanding!

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