What makes this fancy? The Blue Cheese and Garlic Cream Sauce. That’s one thing. The second is that the steak is cut into one inch strips and nicely placed on a plate. And the third is that the plate is garnished with a a few crumbles of blue cheese, a drizzle of the cream sauce and garnished with a fresh sprig of thyme. Done! To make this even easier, you can prepare one large sharing plate and then you only have one plate to make beautiful!

I prepared this dish the last time that we had friends over and they sat at my kitchen island while I prepared the meal. On this occasion, I served the steak on individual plates, but I could have just as easily created one platter. Individual plates were a better option for me as I have a tiny dining table with no space in the middle. Condo living….

This is an ideal dinner prepared with company and conversation around you. If you have room in your kitchen for more than one, it could also be a great dinner to involve your guests by having them stir, slice or prepare the garnish. As it is, I have a one person kitchen, but a large island like counter.

Here’s the menu…

Fancy Steak Dinner Party


Potted Cheese

Pepperoni Chips

Heavenly Crisps from Summerhill


Pan Seared New York Strips


Blue Cheese Cream Sauce

Cook Top Roast Potatoes


Drunken Cherry and Hazelnut Parfait

I did make this delicious Drunken Cherry and Hazelnut Parfait, but not all things work out as you would like. The dessert tasted great, but the photos just did not do it justice. I will make this dessert again and will include both the recipe and the photo in a future post.

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