I have made Hungarian Stuffed White Peppers for decades! I have also photographed the finished dish more times than I care to count.

This is one of those foods that is beyond difficult to photograph. Just Google ‘images for Hungarian Peppers’, or ‘stuffed peppers’ just to see the struggles of so many other photographers. It is amazing how many of these images are really average or just plain awful. Who would want to eat this dish? It has to look mouth-watering and most of them don’t.

Well, this photo is from the last time that I made these delicious peppers.  The picture is finally one that is much closer to the image I had in my mind all along.  I will likely take more photos each time I make this recipe, but I am not unhappy with this one. So much so, that this is the first time I have actually posted the recipe because the photo has finally passed my personal test for publishing.

I hope you find the photo enticing enough to give the recipe a try. If you do check out other photos, you will see how difficult it is to create an image of stuffed  peppers which make you want to take your fork and cut into one of them! And, after all, this is what food photography is all about.

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