Hulling strawberries is now an almost daily task. After all, strawberries are part of one of the five essential food groups! This just adds to the reason to buy strawberries in Florida in February.

Strawberries are unbelievably delicious this year. The aroma of the berries as you are approaching the entrance to the grocery store is so intoxicating that it is impossible to resist buying some once you are inside. There are strawberries everywhere, in produce, in bakery, at the end of aisles, all neatly arranged in varying sized containers.

I was a little skeptical when they first started to appear,  as not all the berries were perfectly red, but to my very pleasant surprise, even those that are not red all the way around are perfectly  juicy and sweet!

February has some nice benefits when living on the Suncoast. We will have this delighful and delicious fruit for the whole month!

Tomatoes next….

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