I think I have as many recipes for pork tenderloin as many people have for chicken. In my mind they are almost interchangeable.

A pork tenderloin takes about 20 minutes to cook, on the grill or in a 500 oven, as does chicken, whether thighs or chicken breast, skin on and bone in.

This makes pork tenderloin an easy week night meal. This version was inspired by our grocery store, Publix, as they often have the pre-bacon-wrapped tenderloin on BOGO, something we all look for, out of habit, while in Florida.

I tried it once, ‘pre-fab’ from the store, tried cooking it various ways, but in the end, I like it best with a maple syrup glaze and roasted red apples.  And wrapping pork tenderloin in sliced bacon is not really a task, but buying pre wrapped is a convenience.

The roasted red apples and onions can go anywhere, easy to make and easy to use as a side, regardless of season.

Just one of many versions of pork tenderloin, I will add more as time goes on…




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