I love braised beef ribs. And I hate to degrease after cooking. It can be a challange to get really meaty and leaner braising ribs.

If your grocer has a butcher counter, check that first. The price of the ribs may be twice of that for the packaged variety, but you will get more meat, and less fat.

The ribs pictured here yielded dinner for four, but no reason why you could not either increase or decrease the number of ribs to serve one to more than four. I find that one rib, the size of what I have shown, is enough for one serving.

The ingredients are so simple that you will have them in your fridge and pantry; onions, garlic, worchestershire, ketchup and beef stock.

No reason not to cook, combine and braise in your oven for a couple of hours and you will have made a delicious week-night dinner!


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